Are Credit Cards Friend Or FOE?

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Are Credit Cards Friend Or FOE? – Are credit cards good or bad? It depends on how it is being used. It’s your best friend if you utilize it properly. For most of the people, credit cards are a blessing because it allows them to pay for all their utility bills by making just a single payment and it also helps in earning reward points which they can use to buy all the stuffs they need. Credit card offers the best deals for you. Read Also : Short-Term Loans Fill a Need

In the category of best credit cards, a BDO credit card is one among them. It provides a lot of benefits for the customers or credit card holders.BDO credit card gives you reward points, discounts and cash back offers. It provides interest at minimum rate, may be less than three percent.

One Of The Best Credit Cards

Banco De Oro is one of the biggest banks in Philippines. It provides credit cards for people for fulfilling their needs and provides various services to the most satisfaction level. BDO credit cards come with a chip for security purposes to prevent duplication. You can enjoy exclusive offers and standard facilities by enrolling BDO cards.

BDO provides various credit card products for the customers and they can choose their right card which caters to their needs. Standard MasterCard is a better choice for the entry level credit card holders.

They can use the card from minimal to maximum use. This type of card is of much use for making purchases without any percent of installment rates. It also provides its own reward points.

BDO credit card holders can avail zero percent installment deals for appliances which offer promos. BDO credit card is one of the best cards in Philippines that provide installment plans for electrical appliances.

Which Card Do You Need?

Shop More MasterCard gives you most of the benefits exclusively for shopping. With this card, you can earn more reward points which you can use later. It’s also possible to avail extra discounts if you show the card.

The principal membership fee is absolutely free for one year. Interest rates are lower and nearer to 3%.It provide you all values and advantages on shopping.

There are various credit cards for various uses. You can use the card for travel, shopping, business purposes etc. Credit cards are available exclusively for purchases offering zero interest for two years. They also charge free interest on balance transfers for one year. But all round credit cards offer free interest on both purchases and balance transfers. They give reward points for travel, entertainment etc.

What about Gold MasterCard? It’s good for free travel insurance plans on accidents. This card is best suited for people who travel to other countries. Yes they can make purchases in two countries only with Gold BDO cards. They also make people happy by giving reward points. Why do people pick Titanium cards even though it demands higher fee for the year? It’s because it offers the lowest interest rate among all.

Do you want to own an American Express credit card in Philippines? Apply for a best credit card deals that suits your needs and provide more benefits to you. No more worries that you have to take money wherever you go because you are a credit card holder.

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